Stealth iBot Computer Spy

Working as a Head of  Section at a private company was not an easy job. I have to come to the office earlier than other employees have every day. Especially in this company I have to supervise several employees at the same time that their old more oldest than me. I may not casually give orders with them even though they have understood my position.

Every day, my employees work with great enthusiasm. I see they’ve worked in accordance with their respective parts. Some employees face to me if they have any problem in their job.

Lately, I almost have to leave the office to meet partners every day, so that almost no one who can supervise the work of employees. At the time I was in office, the employees seem busy with their work. But I want to know what they are doing if I was not in the office.

My desire was finally achieved with the help of computer-spy software. I use this software to record all activities undertaken by employees in using the computer. Are their activities appropriate in the field, or are they just playing it on the computer, such as chat, online games, and so on.

This computer-spy software features has a fairly complete. Can record all keyboard keystrokes, recording the sites visited, applications opened, the documents are opened, and record all computer activities, although someone using a different user account. Computer-spy software is also suitable for using at home to control computer use kids. This software is almost not detected by most Anti Spyware programs, leaving no trace, and no one knows that every their action were recorded.





  1. alamendah Avatar

    (maaf) izin mengamankan PERTAMA dulu. Boleh kan?!
    kompi saya keknya juga butuh anti spyware.

  2. hendh Avatar

    makasih yah mas.. udah tukarn linkk..
    suksez slalu

  3. uny Avatar

    Assalamualaikum Pak…..

  4. hmcahyo Avatar

    lama gak kesini 😀

  5. Sigit Avatar

    Numpang praktekin teorinya pak………………

  6. i Own it Real Reviews Avatar

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